Live It Up At The Afro-Latin Festival Launch

The 2018 Afro-Latin Festival Launch Johannesburg

8 March 2018 | By Amanda Murimba

Get ready to Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba your way through Johannesburg’s Afro-Latin Festival Launch. For the first time ever, Joburgers can experience the ‘muy caliente’ songs and dance of the Afro-Latin community as the event takes over the Neighbourgoods Market from 15 – 18 March.

Co-founded by Olu Kongi and Catherine Peter, this event is more than just a couple of dance workshops. It’s the launch of an annual festival that will celebrate and promote Afro-Latin dance and music in Johannesburg. The festival will do what afro-beats does best by bringing cultures, nations, races, and age-groups together.

The term Afro-Latin broadly groups various genres of music and dance that have evolved from exchanged cultural expressions between people of Africa (particularly East and Central) and the South Americas. Afro-Latin influences are forged largely from the expression of cultural identity amongst Africans at a time when they were forced into slavery, particularly by Spanish and Portuguese colonizers and traders. With its roots therefore in Africa, Europe, and South America, Afro-Latin eventually became a global phenomenon via integration into other artistic styles developing in major centers, especially the cultural melting pot of New York City. Its influences throughout the international music and dance styles are vast.

There’ll be a focus on street, club and social dance styles in the 30+ workshops featured over the three days. Likers can also enjoy the African, Latin, and Jazz music selection that the event has to offer.

It’s four socials with local DJ’s, a live band, dance showcase, workshops and seminars by local and international artists. Plus, it’s all conveniently located on the 13th and 14th floors of the Neighbourgoods Market building – sounds like something we have a salsa date!

The Details:

Dates: 16 – 18 March 2018

Venue: Neighbourgoods Market and surrounding spots in Braamfontein

Tickets: Various – Available HERE

International Artists:
Aly e Neyza, Mozambique
Adnab Jay, Zambia
Bircan Tulga, UK/Italy
DJ Julian Mr M, Colombia/UK
Julian The Duke, Colombia/UK
DJ Serghino, Angola/Congo
Estilo Cubano’s Adrian Pozo, Cuba
Iris de Brito, Angola/UK
Mistura Movement, Netherlands
Mutati, Kenya
O Picardo, Mozambique
Panagiotis & Myrto, Greece
Pili Pili, Spain/Tanzania
Prof Ananya Kabir, India/UK

Local Artists:
AFIA Collective & Dance Rejuvenate Society
AfroMambo Dance Company
A Vida Kizomba
Candela Jozi Dance Co
Dance Café
Dance Spirit SA
Emiliano Fernandez & Lilyana Kamenova
En Fuego
Estilo Cubano
HNS Kizomba
Nataka Dance Company
Salsa Addicts
African Heart Dance Passion
TeddyBear Salsa
DJ Prince
Maria Mvungi
Paradiso Academy

View Schedule Here

The Johannesburg Afro-Latin Festival Launch 2018

Got that salsa feeling? Visit for more information on the program and all that you can expect or o keep it social on their handles below:

Instagram: @joburgafrolatinfestival

Facebook: Johannesburg Afro-Latin Festival



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