Midem Connects Africa Through Music

Midem Launches First African Forum

5 April 2018

“The hottest music and dance always comes from home.” ~African Proverb

Africa is rich in music, art, fashion and a greater global influence through its resources. There is no greater connection the continent shares than MUSIC and its time the world knows our presence.

Midem, the world’s leading music event which brings together, connects, serves and supports the global music community to exchange, create, play, forge relationships and shape the future of music, annually hosts a rich 4-day programme of conferences, competitions, networking events and live performances, music makers, cutting-edge technology companies, brands & talent come together to enrich the passionate relationship between people & music, transform audience engagement and form new business connections.

They have recently announced the launch of its High-Potential Markets Programme designed to assist music professionals from around the world by encouraging business development and the discovery of new talent. Particularly the introduction of the new Programme which will focus on the African music industry with a four-day ‘African Forum’ during Midem

The new initiative aims to foster bilateral exchanges between international and national music executives and sectors in order to facilitate the structuring and professionalization of the high-potential markets.

The forum will be preceded by a series of industry meetings across four African countries, to support the structuring of the African music industry, stimulate discussions between African and international music stakeholders, develop sustainable business models for African labels and artists in order to boost African music on a local and international scale.  In addition, it will provide a platform to promote African musical creativity, a night dedicated to African music and opportunities to share knowledge and professional training.

 “As the home of the global music community, Midem is committed to supporting the development of the international music sector and that includes providing African artists and music companies with a platform to reach more fans and generate new revenues. We look forward to welcoming them to Midem in 2018 and beyond.” ~ Alexandre Deniot, Director of Midem

Alongside the African Forum in June, Midem is organising local meetings in the Ivory Coast, Nigeria, South Africa and the Republic of the Congo.  Taking place from April 4 to April 12, this series of one-day events will bring together African and international music professionals for meetings, conference debates, workshops and live showcases. Attendees will include labels, mobile operators, rights collection companies, streaming platforms, music publishers, artists, media, politicians, influencers and professional associations, and institutions.

“He who understands music understands the cosmos.” ~Egyptian Proverb

According to mobile telephony data, Sub-Saharan Africa currently accounts for one-tenth of the world’s mobile telephone subscriber base and the market is growing faster than any other region in the world. Estimates are the Sub-Saharan smartphone users will number 498 million in 2020 compared to 300 million in 2016. *Source GSMA: Mobile Economy 2017.

The Details:

Local Networking Meetings In Africa

South Africa – April 4 –  Johannesburg
Nigeria – April 6 – Lagos
Ivory Coast – April 9 –  Abidjan
Congo – April 12 –  Brazzaville


The Midem African Forum

5-8 June 2018



The Midem African Night

5-8 June 2018


View Programme Here

MIDEM African Forum 2018

The first stage of the Midem African Forum, part of the brand new High-Potential Markets Programme, gets underway in Johannesburg, South Africa today. Here, the Midem team sets the scene! Stay tuned for more updates…In association with La culture avec la Copie Privée, Sacem and TRACE AfricaMore info: http://www.midem.com/en/discover-midem/midemmusicforum/

Posted by Midem on Wednesday, 4 April 2018

“Music, the greatest good that mortals know, And all of heaven we have below.” ~ Joseph Addison 

Visit www.midem.com for more information on the conference, attendance, speaker and how you can get involved. Keep it social on their social media handles below:

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Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. ~ Confucius 


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