Lite Brunch Vibes With Flying Fish

The Lite Brunch Collective

 6 March 2018

Darlings, there has never been a better time to brunch. With our hustling lives and the need to always stay fabulous, a Lite Brunch Vibe is what’s necessary. Enter Flying Fish CHILL LITE. The new member of the Flying FIsh family will be bringing us together for moments of brunches, fabulousness, and delectables.

Flying Fish CHILL LITE launched the Lite Brunch Collective, an Instagram page dedicated to winning at brunch in 2018. The new Instagram page will also tie in with brunch related occasions hosted for its consumers around the country.

“The Lite Brunch Collective is not only a social media platform but an event property where we will host brunch occasions for our consumers around the country in the most interesting places” ~ Marketing Manager, Colleen Duvenage at SAB INBev.

The first event hosted by radio and TV personality Pabi Moloi took place at The Royale in Craighall Park where guests were treated to an interesting and unique way of enjoying brunch by incorporating various activities such as Karaoke Spinning, Beer Yoga, and Salsa Aerobics. Media, industry influencers and us Likers Of Things were treated to a delectable brunch harvest and Flying Fish CHILL LITE infused cocktails.

Brunch vibes also included a Karaoke Spinning class by Hloni Monku, followed by Beer Yoga with Jazmine Sehlako and concluded with Salsa Aerobics by Delicia Arjuna. Let’s Live Lite!

The CHILL LITE variant which comes in a Zesty Lemonade flavour.  With 30% fewer calories, 35% less sugar and 35% fewer carbohydrates making it the perfect choice for consumers looking to enjoy something light. Flying Fish CHILL LITE is available nationally at reputable outlets in 440ml cans and 330ml nonrefundable bottles.

We are definitely looking forward to more brunch dates and living lite with Flying Fish CHILL LITE. Follow @LiteBrunchCollective on Instagram to get content on recipe ideas for brunch and suggestions on light cocktails that consumers can use. Visit or keep it social on their handles below:

Facebook: Flying Fish SA

Twitter: @FlyingFishSA

Instagram: @flyingfishsa

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