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SK | 2 November 2017

Imagine as you are reading this or typing that memo or drafting that contract whilst getting the perfect neck and shoulder massage or even a pedicure… imagine they came to your office or home right now…

On one of my lazy days off, I allowed myself to just indulge in what the day would bring from waking up late, morning read, a gorgeous breakfast all to my self and a much-anticipated treat to come in the afternoon. We get caught up in the hustle and bustle and the “I’m super busy” mode that we forget to unwind, love and treat ourselves. The spirit and essence of Health and Heels are the perfect and the most convenient solution for the busy cure. What (or who) is Health and Heels? Let me indulge you…

I have known her and her gorgeous family for a while and have stalked their busy but fabulous working lifestyle for a few years. In the back of my mind, I had always wondered how she managed to keep looking great, the frequent flying and always a fresh vibe about her. It was at the launch a few month back that I realised what an innovative and convenient success, owner and founder of Health and Heels, Grace Mo had created through her experiences both locally and abroad.

Health And Heels is a mobile beauty and health services catering to all in Gauteng (for now) at your most convenience in terms of time, location and space. Sound like a plan? Its pretty simple really, you book your desired service on their website, pick your date, time and venue, they come to you, you experience the relaxation and self-loving peace you deserve.

My personal experience went a little like this… I ordered the deep tissue massage online (coz life is rough ya’ll). Tuesday came and I got a call from my residence that I have a visitor (YAY). She arrived knowing all my information – which was great and made it so much simpler to converse. Very professional from her attire to her introduction, I mean it’s always awkward going into spaces that are unfamiliar. Ok set up complete right in the middle of my living room and I’m ready for the much-needed temporary shut down.

She began with soothing massages to get me relaxed and into the right space. Oh forgot to tell you she brought that spa music, you know, those sounds of waves and walks into heaven (well that’s what I associate them with). Long story short, I slept like a baby after my 45 minutes of bliss, quiet and muscle serenity. It did the MOST!

Why Health and Heels?

  • It is convenient when YOU need it
  • Services in the comfort of your space – no more worrying about how you look or feel in public on your way to the salon with that chipped nail or unexplainable scratches
  • Simple, quick process. Online based with secure payments
  • Black female owned and managed. POWER!
  • Services are designed to fit your schedules – no more excuses.
  • You can choose your professional too! Check them out here.
  • Perfect gift as we approach the festive season.

I don’t think I need to convince you any further. Their services and philosophies speak for themselves. I am happily and proudly recommending Health and Heels to all you Likers out there. With the silly season basically here, escape for a moment or two in your own comforts.

Order your service today at your most convenience. Visit or keep it social on their handles below:

Facebook: Health And Heels

Instagram: @healthandheels_


**All Images from Health and Heels

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